Student meal accounts are debit accounts and should always maintain a positive balance from which purchases are deducted. Students may charge no more than $8.00 to this account. Charging of a la carte or extra items to this account will not be permitted. Adults will not be allowed to charge meals or a la carte items.

Any student failing to keep his/her account solvent as required by the district shall not be allowed to charge further meals until the negative account balance has been paid in full. However, such students will be allowed to purchase a meal if the student pays for the meal when it is received. Students who have charged the maximum allowance to this account and cannot pay out of pocket for a meal will be provided an alternate meal consisting of a peanut butter, peanut butter alternative, or cheese sandwich and milk. Parents or guardians shall receive notification via Skylert, email or a telephone call prior to denying meals for exceeding the district’s charge limit.

Payments for school meals may be made at the school, district office or e-Funds online (convenience fee is charged) or by check or cash. Students, parents, and guardians of students are encouraged to prepay meal costs. Parents or Guardians have an additional option to set up “replenish low balance” notifications of any amount. Student meal accounts and purchase activities can be viewed by logging in to Skyward Family Access.

Sack lunches will be offered to students to take on field trips. This will be handled the same as if it were a traditional school lunch, with the student being charged on their lunch account. The kitchen manager will need five days advance notice.

Please contact the Student Nutrition Department if the student has a medical necessity for a restrict diet. Medical forms for disabled Child Nutrition Program participants under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 can be obtained on the Student Nutrition website. MEAL PRICES All schools maintain a closed lunch period which requires all students to remain in the building. Students may not have any meals/drinks ordered or delivered to the school from any business, this includes meals/drinks delivered by family members in the original packaging. Due to various food allergies and restricted diets, parents may only bring food in for their student which is not be shared with other students.

Meal Prices for 2019-2020
 T Logo.png  Reduced Breakfast Paid
Adult/Visitor Breakfast Reduced
$ .30 $1.40 $2.15 $ .40 $2.55 $3.75
Middle School $.30 $1.45 $2.15 $ .40 $2.85 $3.75
$.30 $1.45 $2.15 $.40 $2.85 $3.75